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Whitner not against 17 or 18 game season

Posted by Chris Brown on June 2, 2009 – 5:13 pm

Part of talks between the NFL and the Players Association on a CBA extension will eventually get to the subject of expanding the regular season to 17 or 18 games. Bills safety Donte Whitner doesn’t think the longer regular season is a bad thing provided they’re given regular season pay for two more games.

Whitner doesn’t see the claim that there will be more injuries as an issue. His thought is to add another bye week to the schedule.

“If you take two of those preseason games out of there and add another bye week in there for each team, I think it’s okay,” said Whitner. “As long as we get paid the same and get compensated the same (for the two extra games) I don’t really see a difference with it. Injuries are part of the game anyway whether you play 16 games or 18. If you’re going to get injured, you’re going to get injured. If they add another bye week in there it’s okay.”

Whitner indicated that the league is currently leaning toward keeping the player’s regular season pay the same as it is now and just dividing it by 18 instead of 16, and the Buffalo safety said that’s not going to fly.

Expanding the regular season is something however, is lower on the priority scale than most of the more pressing issues concerning a new or extended CBA.

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