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T.O. on the house hunting

Posted by Chris Brown on June 3, 2009 – 5:06 pm

In the wake of Terrell Owens’ tweet that the owners at 1 Deer Run in Orchard Park were not interested in renting to him, Owens was asked after practice to elaborate on his brief twitter comment on the house hunting situation.

“We had a couple of spots that we were supposed to go look at and everybody knows my security guard Pablo and the realtor went to One Deer Run and I got the report that they didn’t want me to rent that spot because of the added attention I may bring,” said Owens. “In her words she said, ‘drama.’ I’m still looking and I thought it was funny.”

Owens was asked if he was surprised by that comment.

“Anywhere I go there’s always a little extra added attention,” he said. “That just comes with the territory. But I don’t think anywhere I’ve lived there’s ever been a problem other than the one time they came to Philly and I had a little situation there. But other than that it wasn’t a big deal, and my neighbors never complained. I’ve been pretty much a good neighbor, quiet neighbor for the most part.”

Apparently the owners of the property at One Deer Run have been contacted by the media and have apparently stated they might still be open to him renting there, but it sounds as if T.O. has moved on. He also appreciates the standing offers from a lot of fellow tweeters who have invited him to live with them during the season.

“It’s easy to change your story after the fact,” said Owens of the renters. “I’ve had a lot of support. I tweeted the situation after it happened and I got thousands of immediate responses. Other than that a lot of people gave me support on it. I do appreciate that a lot of people have invited me to move into their homes so at least I know I’d have somewhere  to stay.”

All in all Owens wasn’t offended by being turned away. He found it almost comical.

“I didn’t think too much of it,” Owens said. “It is what it is. You’re going to have one out of the bunch every now and then. They may not be a Bills fan and then again they may not be a T.O. fan. I didn’t take it to heart.”

For more on Owens comments you can watch the interview in the media lounge on later this afternoon.

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