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49ers give Bills contract parameters for rookies

Posted by Chris Brown on June 11, 2009 – 4:59 pm

The San Francisco 49ers have been very proactive in signing their draft picks early. And what that has done for the Bills is provide some fairly concrete contract parameters for a couple of their own players.

The Niners have signed a handful of their draft picks already including fifth-round pick Scott McKillop (reportedly 4-$1.94M-$192,250 signing bonus) and seventh-round pick Curtis Taylor (reportedly 4-$1.8M-$59,880 signing bonus).

The reason I mention those two players specifically is they were drafted exactly one spot ahead of both Nic Harris and Ellis Lankster, and they both play the same position as McKillop and Taylor, linebacker and defensive back.

Teams and agents often haggle over the percentage increase from the exact draft spot in which they were taken the previous year, but when a rookie is slotted by other players that sign early right in front or right behind them in the draft, it sometimes can get the process moving a bit quicker. We’ll see.

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