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Contract parameters for Nelson

Posted by Chris Brown on June 18, 2009 – 3:26 pm

Contract parameters are in place for Bills fourth-round pick Shawn Nelson.

Nelson was the 121st overall pick toward the bottom third of round four with the pick Buffalo acquired from Philadelphia. Taken right after him by Houston was N.C. State tight end Anthony Hill.

Hill signed a 4-year $2.206M deal on Wednesday. Starting points for rookie contracts involve what the player drafted in that spot the year before got and what percentage increase is expected the following year. But when players around your draft pick are signed it can also influence negotiations.

It should be noted though that sometimes having a player at the same position signed one slot behind your draft pick can be a good thing, but it can also be a bad thing if another NFL club overpaid in terms of signing bonus money or other part of the contract.

What that will do is convince the representative for your draft pick that his client should see the same kind of increase percentage-wise. However, if that increase is higher than what your team had budgeted it can make things more difficult concerning negotiations.

Still in most cases there is some underlying benefit when a player who plays the same position, and is drafted right before or right after your draft pick is signed. 

To this point (morning June 18th) none of the Bills eight draft picks have signed.

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