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Why UFL good for Losman right now

Posted by Chris Brown on June 18, 2009 – 3:01 pm

With the rumors continuing to swirl that free agent QB J.P. Losman is going to sign with Las Vegas of the upstart United Football League, I think it might be the best place for him to be right now for two reasons.

First, and most important, if he does sign with Las Vegas, as has been rumored, he’ll be playing under Jim Fassel. Fassel is known as a quarterback maximizer. A coach that knows how to get the most out of quarterbacks.

When J.P. Losman was appointed the starter with the Bills in 2005, the offensive staff at the time tried to make him a pocket quarterback. It proved to be a long, arduous process that never panned out. The strengths of Losman’s game were not maximized.

Now I’m not trying to blame Losman’s failures solely on how he was coached. Losman had more than his share of opportunities to succeed in Buffalo. But Fassel is known as a coach that recognizes his quarterback’s strengths and maximizes them through his offensive scheme. He won’t put a square peg in a round hole.

For Losman, Fassel might be just the guy he needs in his corner.

Second, the only way Losman is going to change the minds of the naysayers out there that maintain he is not a consistent quarterback is to be on the field week in and week out. That’s not going to happen right now in the NFL. He simply won’t get that kind of opportunity, with everyone’s lasting memory of Losman being his sack and fumble that led to the loss to the Jets, not to mention his 10-23 record as a starter with Buffalo.

But in the UFL he’ll be on the field every week with a chance to show when in the lineup every week he’s capable. I’m not saying it’s going to happen, but knowing J.P. he’s the type of player that always wants to show you he can do it rather than telling you he can do it.

The UFL looks to be the only place right now where he’ll be able to do that in a game setting. If it happens I give him credit for going that route. Sometimes you’ve got to take a step back before you can take another forward again.

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