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T.O. a victim of the net

Posted by Chris Brown on June 24, 2009 – 12:37 pm

For those of you that didn’t watch the Superstars in which Terrell Owens was a participant, surprisingly he and his teammate model Joanna Krupa had a tough go of it in the opening episode.

The pair were the first team to be eliminated. In the obstacle course Owens got his foot stuck in the rope netting which put his team behind and prevented his teammate from starting the second leg of the race.

Of course in typical supermodel fashion Krupa goes all drama. To T.O.’s credit he tries to stay positive, but Krupa stays in diva mode and just goes stomping off swearing.

There was also a ‘do or die’ kayak race and though T.O. and Krupa had an early lead they flipped their kayak twice down the stretch and lost the race. Ultimately, they were eliminated.

I’m willing to bet that next time, if there is a next time, T.O. is going to ask to get paired up with an actress instead of a model. Krupa was a nightmare teammate.

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