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Fan Friday 6-26

Posted by Chris Brown on June 26, 2009 – 10:30 am

Fan Friday 6-26
Here’s our latest installment. As always you can fire off your questions to me at Let’s get going here.

1. Hi Chris,
I was just wondering if you thought the Bills would be going after free agent linebacker Derrick Brooks or maybe another free linebacker to plug into the starting role beside Mitchell and Poz.
Chris G.

CB: I see the Bills at this point going with what they’ve got on their roster at this point, though I think there are a lot worse ideas a team can come up with than signing Derrick Brooks. I’m astounded that no team has even made him a formal offer. I think he’s capable of helping a team for at least one more year. He knows Buffalo’s defensive system as it’s similar to that of the Bucs. But I get the sense that the Bills, barring a significant injury in camp will go with what they’ve got, with Alvin Bowen and Nic Harris being the stiffest competition for Keith Ellison for his starting job.


2. Chris,
Does Maybin have the lateral speed to play outside linebacker? Do you think he is strong enough to be a four down end? Also, what do you think of Ellis and Copeland? Do they have NFL potential, or was Ellis a bad pick?


CB: Maybin has very good speed. He timed in the mid 4.6s on the Bills’ watch leading up to the draft, so yes I think he could handle outside linebacker if it came to that. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw Maybin line up at an OLB position in passing down situations to give the opposing offense another pass rushing threat to think about. He can blitz from that spot and be effective I believe.
As for being a four-down end, I don’t think he can be that right now. He just turned 21 and is still growing into his frame, but I believe by as early as next season he could push for a full time end role.
Chris Ellis is an up and coming player. I think he will stand to benefit greatly from new line coach Bob Sanders who will sharpen up his techniques. Copeland Bryan is a steady player that can rotate in for you. I think there is still potential for Ellis to realize.


3. Chris
Where do you see Alvin Bowen fitting in with the team this year?
Pat (St. Catharines, ON)


CB: I think Bowen will be pushing Keith Ellison for his starting job, but mainly I see Bowen as an impact special teams coverage player. This guy set tackle records at Iowa State. He has a knack for finding the ball and making the play. That’s perfect for special teams. It wouldn’t surprise me if he assumes the special teams role previously held by the released Blake Costanzo.


4. Hey Chris,
Thanks for taking the time to read my email. How far-fetched is it for me to believe that the following Week 1 starting line-up is not only feasible but able to gel right from the gate?
C – Hangartner
G – Wood
G – Levitre
LT- Walker
RT – Butler
TE – Nelson
QB – Edwards
RB – Rhodes(Lynch week 4)
WR – Owens
WR – Evans
WR – Reed
Thanks – D9Money


CB: I think the jelling of the offensive line is one of the biggest question marks facing the team. With five players set to man five new positions the turnover is undeniable and will take time. Not playing live football with one another until the preseason is a bit of a concern for me. I have faith because I think they have the right guys, but the learning curve is difficult to determine.
If the line can’t give Edwards time it won’t matter how many passing weapons are open and ready to make a play because the ball won’t get there. It all comes down to the line in the end so hopefully they can make it happen, and early. I’d plug Fred Jackson in at RB on your lineup and Derek Schouman at TE.


5. Hey Chris just wondering your thoughts on Kyle Williams getting some possible looks at FB in goal line situations. He’s stout and has the body. I really don’t see nobody other than Kyle on our front four that could give us that versatility like Kyle. Thoughts
                Fort Worth TX

CB: I don’t think it’s as far fetched as some might think. You might not think it by looking at him, but Kyle Williams is one of the most athletic guys in that locker room. I saw it first hand at the spring triathlon Brian Moorman had us participate in for his PUNT foundation. Kyle swam the fastest leg of the whole group for a 300-yard swim. So if they wanted to use him in goal line situations I think he could do it.

But something tells me Corey McIntyre might have something to say about that.

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