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Hamdan a fashion rebel

Posted by Chris Brown on June 30, 2009 – 1:44 pm

As we reported last week Bills QB Gibran Hamdan attended the NFL’s Broadcast Boot Camp for current and retired players that are interested in possibly pursuing a broadcasting career after football. Hamdan got some good pub while at the program.

The Philly Daily Times had a running timeline and mentioned Hamdan in the rundown story. First his cutting edge fashion sense had to be curtailed somewhat as the players were told to dress conservatively. But Hamdan rebelled just a bit… with rainbow socks!

I asked Hamdan for an explanation via text.

“They told us to be conservatively dressed, but I had to go big with the socks, you know, ha ha,” said Hamdan in a text back.

During the season Hamdan is one of the more fashion forward players for road trips. Some might recall my blog on his donning of an ascot last season. We’ll see what he’s got ready to roll out this year.

Here’s the photo of Hamdan at the Broadcast boot camp with NFL anchor James Brown, courtesy of Philly Daily Times photographer James Heaney. Sorry socks are not in the shot.


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