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Rosenhaus to lower season ticket prices?

Posted by Chris Brown on June 30, 2009 – 2:22 pm

I have seen NFL agent Drew Rosenhaus do a lot of things, but if he can pull this off I’ll be very impressed.

According to Rosenhaus on his twitter account, he’s been hired by the season ticket holders of the NHL’s Florida Panthers, to negotiate lower season ticket prices.

He doesn’t provide much more detail other than he’ll give details on the outcome, once there is one.

I’ve got to say I’m not surprised Rosenhaus is taking on such a groundbreaking challenge. Gotta wonder if the Panther fans were influenced by Rosenhaus’ ESPN commercial in which he talks down the cafeteria cashier at ESPN headquarters to get lunch for himself, Scott Van Pelt and Neil Everett for just $15.

I will say there are going to be a lot of professional franchises watching this closely. If he can successfully lower season ticket prices for Panthers fans, it’s going to set a huge precedent for other professional teams.

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