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No huddle used half the time?

Posted by Chris Brown on July 2, 2009 – 3:13 pm

How often the no huddle will be used by Buffalo’s offense is compelling question, which is why we made it part of our 25 questions until training camp. In the write-up I mention some of the more overlooked factors when theorizing how often Edwards and company will go no huddle.

Namely the effectiveness of Buffalo’s defense and the opponent. The Bills defense still had trouble getting off the field last season, and it was due in part to there not being enough playmakers to make something happen (sack, forced fumble, INT, etc.).

The Bills feel they have added a playmaker or two in Maybin and Byrd and guys like McKelvin and Poz are poised to step into playmaker type roles as young vets. If their takeaways go up and they can demonstrate consistency in getting 3-and-outs or heck 6-and-outs, I think Dick Jauron will be more confident in using the no huddle more of the time.

Still Buffalo’s opponent will influence how much they use it too. You’ve got to remember this is year one with this thing as a main component of their offense. They’re far from a smooth running machine. Rolling it out full throttle against the Pats for example, in Week 1 could put a lot of unnecessary pressure on your defense if you can’t convert a first down on your first three hurry up possessions.

I’ll say right now I’d be surprised if it’s used more than half of the offensive snaps this season. I think we’re looking at a 50-50 split at best. Jauron values time of possession and the run game and who wouldn’t with the stable of backs the Bills now have.

Knowing that I just can’t see the Bills going no huddle full time, unless they’re remarkably successful with it.

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