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Losman pretty much a Las Vegas UFL’er

Posted by Chris Brown on July 9, 2009 – 7:37 pm

J.P. Losman has not been officially announced by the UFL as the quarterback of their Las Vegas franchise, but he might as well be.

If you go to the UFL preview link at league’s website you’ll see a shot of Losman in his Bills duds and a write-up alongside the photo that pretty much calls him the poster boy for what the league is about, showcasing talent that slips through the cracks in the NFL.

It then explains how the slideshow is the first of four showcasing the “stars” of the Las Vegas team. They used the quotes around stars, not me.

Listed along with Losman as the stars of the Las Vegas club are former NFL’ers David Kircus (WR) and Adam Archuleta (S). And a college player RB Tyrell Fenroy, who had 5,000 rushing yards in college.

There was some talk about a big announcement of some of the larger name signings by the league, but it looks as if that’s been submarined a bit with this content linked to their own site.

Of course if they get Michael Vick to play in their league that will be the only big announcement they’ll need to make to get people interested.

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