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Making the case for Derrick Brooks

Posted by Chris Brown on July 10, 2009 – 3:32 pm

I know Bills fans have discussed ad nauseaum this offseason ever since this perennial Pro Bowl LB became available. But Derrick Brooks is still out there. And the St. Petersburg Times makes a great case as to why this future HOF LB should not be a free agent right now.

The story mentions a lot of prospective teams, five in fact, not one of which is the Bills, who would be a fit scheme-wise.

If I were and the Bills and if I was interested (I said IF), I’d try to sell Brooks on the fact that Buffalo’s defensive coordinator Perry Fewell worked under his former LB coach Lovie Smith and employs a dramatically similar scheme (no cram study required on playbook).

I’d use the signing of Terrell Owens as an example of how the Bills are anxious to win now, something that would appeal to Brooks who wants to go to a winning situation.

Finally I’d also mention that he’d have an opportunity to face his old division (NFC South) playing in Buffalo, so there would be a great deal of familiarity for him with respect to opponents. And he’d get to face his former team in Week 2.

Again it’s a big ‘IF’, but if someone goes down in camp to injury and Brooks is still out there I know who I’d call.

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