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Posted by Chris Brown on July 13, 2009 – 4:32 pm

Terrell Owens’ agent is insinuating that there’s a good chance T.O. will be in Buffalo beyond 2009. That according to Palm Beach Post writer Edgar Thompson who heard Drew Rosenhaus on a FoxSports radio interview.

Rosenhaus basically said he believes T.O. will be in Buffalo more than one year and that T.O. loves the fans. I don’t doubt that Owens loves the fans. They’ve been ultra-supportive of him since he signed.

However, I don’t know how you can say that with confidence before he’s even played his first season in Buffalo on a one-year deal that he’ll be back the following year. As we all know football has a ton of variables in terms of how a season plays out. And you can’t tell me that one way or the other it won’t have an influence on Owens’ decision on where he’ll play in 2010.

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