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Owens on how Buffalo closed the deal

Posted by Chris Brown on July 15, 2009 – 7:06 pm

Terrell Owens revealed the details of how he came to sign with Buffalo last March, and it was not in the way in which he expected a contract agreement to go down.

Appearing on the Ryan Seacrest radio show in L.A. Wednesday morning, Owens explained how his visit to One Bills Drive turned into a contract signing all in one fell swoop.

“When I came in it was really strictly just to talk and see if I liked the facilities and liked Buffalo,” said Owens. “I was supposed to come back (home) and probably visit some other teams. But I didn’t make it out of the building.

“I sat there and talked to the coaching staff and got to get familiar with those guys. I met with the offensive coordinator, the receivers coach as well as the quarterbacks coach Alex Van Pelt, who played there before. But it was a decision that I really had to just mull over for a few seconds.

“Even before I made the decision, I’m very spiritual and I pray a lot and I had to call my pastor. I told him, ‘I’m in a corner. What do I do?’ And my agent went in and talked with the general manager while I was on the phone with my pastor and I prayed, and they gave me a few minutes to think it over.

“I told them, ‘I didn’t expect to sign today. I just wanted to come and see the facility and feel the place out and meet the coaches and see where it would go.’ And a few minutes later I end up being a Bill before I left the building.”

Kind of interesting to see how the Bills really made every effort to make Owens feel welcome and show him despite being small market that the organization is big league and first class. Kind of a feather in the cap for Buffalo’s front office.

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