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T.O. on details of Cowboys release

Posted by Chris Brown on July 15, 2009 – 6:40 pm

Appearing on Ryan Seacrest’s morning radio show in LA on clear channel radio Wednesday to promote his reality show on VH-1, Terrell Owens talked about a number of topics. He provided details on how he and the Cowboys parted ways in a meeting he had with Jerry Jones.

“I was meeting with Jerry (Jones) and his son Stephen,” said Owens. “Both of my agents were there Drew and Jason Rosenhaus. And we had the meeting. We thought it was going to be something productive about the upcoming season.

“There was a tablecloth there and Jerry started scribbling. He put his name on one side and mine on one side and I’m wondering what’s going on. He paused for a second and drew a line down the middle of the table and said, ‘We have to part ways.'”

“I didn’t know what to think and looked at Drew and he looked across the table at Jerry and Stephen and said, ‘Are you serious?’ And then he asked, ‘Can we talk about this?’ And Jerry said that’s where we are. Basically they said my personality was too big for the Cowboys.”

At that point Seacrest asked Owens if he had a good relationship with Jerry Jones, and Owens said he did.

“It was a situation where we confided in each other,” said Owens. “I talked to him twice after the season, once the day after we lost and then another probably 3 or 4 weeks later. I kept hearing all the rumors about people coming in and discussing me and evaluating people by position.

“I kept hearing my name come up so I gave him a call and he gave me a call back. He was in New Orleans driving and pulled over to have the conversation with me. And he talked to me for 45 minutes. He told me, ‘Trust me. You don’t have to worry about anything, rumors, media, nothing. We’ve got the new stadium we’re looking forward to that, you’re going to be a part of that and we’re going to have a great season.’

Seacrest asked if he thought someone had gotten to Jones for things to change so quickly. And Owens said that was his thinking.

Owens also said the day he was released he texted Tony Romo to tell him he was no longer a Cowboy and has not heard from Romo since.

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