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T.O. on his new show

Posted by Chris Brown on July 15, 2009 – 6:53 pm

 T.O. knows how to promote. With his reality series, The T.O. Show set to debut on Monday on VH-1, Owens was on the Ryan Seacrest radio show in L.A. Wednesday morning and outlined what he feels the program reveals about him as a person.

“I think what we have is very authentic and it shows me,” Owens told Seacrest. “It shows a side of me that a lot of people in this world and off the field that they don’t know about me. I’m just a normal guy. I just happen to be blessed and talented to play a sport that a lot of fans love to see me play. Outside of that, when I’m away from the football field, I’m just a normal guy.”

Seacrest then jumped in and asked, ‘Are you humble?’

“When people see me on the football field, they mistake my flamboyance and passion for the game as arrogance,” said Owens. “And I think people expect that off the field as well. That’s me on the football field. I play with a lot of passion. I work hard so I play hard. It’s only arrogance because of how the media has portrayed me.

“If you ask any of my teammates and even past coaches they’ll tell you I play hard, I practice hard.”

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