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Jackson and Rhodes should reduce wear and tear on Lynch

Posted by Chris Brown on July 16, 2009 – 2:26 pm

Having Fred Jackson and Dominic Rhodes in the fold, not only covers the Bills for those first three games when Lynch is out, but I think will make Lynch a better back in November and December. And that’s a scary thought if you look at his career numbers late in the season.

In our story on the home page asking whether Lynch will be fresher down the stretch, we point out that his career yards per carry avg. in the first half of the season is 3.64 compared to his averager in the second half of the season which is 4.5 over the past two years.

Knowing he’s going to be fresher with Jackson and Rhodes shouldering some of the run game load, it’s hard not to get pumped up about what Lynch would be capable of with fewer hits on him come the last four weeks of the regular season when the Bills are hopefully making a playoff push.

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