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Wilson and Schouman already grinding

Posted by Chris Brown on July 16, 2009 – 5:23 pm

George Wilson and Derek Schouman aren’t waiting until report day for camp next week. They’re already grinding at One Bills Drive in the weight room now. In fact I crossed paths with them working out in the parking lot on my way to the Bills Store, and was invited to join them.

Wilson was shotputting a 50 lb. medicine ball across the width of more than two parking spaces, five times with each arm for a set of 10.

He invited me to give it a go, so I was getting about half his distance and I only went two times on each side. Good explosion and core training though.

George joked with me to go get a Pedialyte to rehydrate, but I barely broke a sweat. Three sets of 10 though in the middle of a workout would not be easy. You feel it in your legs and triceps the most.

As for Schouman he’s been here almost the entire offseason. He’s got the full blown gun show going. I’ve never seen his arms that big before. Looks like he’s ready to see some time in line next to the tackle this season.

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