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Owens well received by Bills teammates

Posted by Chris Brown on July 17, 2009 – 2:37 pm

Though the media has portrayed Terrell Owens as a detractor in the locker room, it appears the accuracy of that description is questionable at best.

In an interview with ESPN’s Sam Alipour at the ESPYs, Owens was asked if his Bills teammates have given him a blank slate and ignored his past, (or more specifically what has been reported about him in the past).

“For everybody, it’s different,” said Owens. “There is going to be apprehension on some people’s parts. I went through the same things in Philly and Dallas. But I’ve already had teammates come to me in private and say, ‘Man, you’re nothing like I thought you’d be.’ I’m very secure about where I am in the locker room.”

In speaking with several of the players through the course of the spring, most of the players were surprised as how quiet Owens was on the field and in the locker room. A few players said that he minds his own business and keeps to himself. So there you have it.

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