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Another key vs. Pats too

Posted by Chris Brown on July 18, 2009 – 11:00 am

In our synopsis on the home page (#7) on whether the Bills can finally topple the Patriots this season, particularly in Week 1 on the road (tough one), we examined a lot of the elements necessary for a successful performance. But there’s another glaring stat as well.

Time of possession. Even though Buffalo’s third down conversion percentage in the last four games has been respectable 45%, their time of possession in their last four meetings with New England has just not been good enough.

Buffalo’s average time of possession in those games is 25:17, and that number falls on both the offense and defense. The offense for not sustaining drives and the defense for being unable to get the ball back.

The Bills best TOP over those four games came in the season finale last year when they rushed for 161 yards, and even then their possession time was just 28 minutes.

With Brady back it will be harder to slow down the New England offense, but keeping it out of that guy’s hands increases your chances of beating them. Somehow, some way they’ve got to have the ball for more than half the game at the very least.

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