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Bruce Smith to consider coaching

Posted by Chris Brown on July 21, 2009 – 6:17 pm

Bills Hall of Famer Bruce Smith was asked a number of questions while appearing on a live chat on Monday, including whether or not he would be interested in starting a career in coaching. The NFL’s all-time sack leader had an interesting answer.

“I have given it some thought, but my first priority right now is to raise my son and once he gets off in college, I’ll revisit the possibility of coaching.”

While young players like Chris Ellis and Aaron Maybin could certainly learn a thing or two from Smith, I don’t know how Bruce could teach other players to contort their body the way he did, lowering his center of gravity, turning his upper torso at a 90-degree angle toward the offensive tackle, while his legs ran straight upfield.

Many of his former teammates tried to emulate that technique with no success. Phil Hansen told me he couldn’t do it. Marcellus Wiley said he tried several times, but kept falling down. I believe Bruce would have something to offer as a defensive line coach, but I think a lot of the things he could do on the field simply can’t be performed by the majority of NFL defensive ends.

Here’s the entire chat, where Smith also said he would not trade his career for a Super Bowl ring and a shorter career.

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