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Buffalo not ranked among top 10 football cities

Posted by Chris Brown on July 21, 2009 – 8:55 pm

Yep you heard right Bills fans in a rankings list compiled by, their staff put together a rundown of the Top 10 football cities and Buffalo did not make the cut.

The list which absolutely has some qualified candidates (Green Bay, Pittsburgh, Dallas) also had some head scratchers (New Orleans #2?!). When you look at their criteria you begin to understand why they picked the cities they did. Here it is.

What qualities make a good NFL city? For our highly subjective purposes,leaning toward those with passionate, devoted fans with some sense of civic pride, and a stadium rich in either character, tradition or creature comforts. Basically, a place you’d want to visit, regardless of your fan allegiance.

Someone want to tell me how the heck New York made the top 10 with that dump called Giants stadium, which isn’t even in the state of New York? What tradition or character does that place have? It was built on swamp land. Plus New York is a baseball town, always will be.

As for Buffalo they easily make the grade for passionate and devoted fans with civic pride, the people that made up this list probably saw the stadium was built in 1973 and just chalk it up as a dinosaur with no character or tradition. How quickly they forget the 1980 opener, the ’88 division clincher in O.T., the AFC Championship game in ’90 (51-3) and the Comeback.

Judging by this list most of the voters couldn’t reference most of those games in the first place. Here’s the top 10.

1. Green Bay
2. New Orleans
3. Pittsburgh
4. Cleveland
5. Kansas City
6. Dallas
7. New York
8. Philadelphia
9. Chicago
10. Denver

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