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T.O.’s publicists are like sisters

Posted by Chris Brown on July 21, 2009 – 10:40 am

Anyone that has or had a doting sister probably had Terrell Owens publicists pegged from the very beginning of his reality show ‘The T.O. Show’ Monday night.

Episode 1 which aired on VH-1, painted Mo and Kita (his publicists) as his publicists, cheerleaders, advisors and life coaches. Truthfully they act like an older sister would act.

I don’t pretend to know any of them, but I suppose they have his best interests in mind with respect to his career after football, which is why they got him to move to L.A.. But I can’t see Owens thinking about his post-football career, until it’s reality, which is good for the Bills.

Buffalo’s pub was pretty good in the episode, though it was brief. I’m hearing there will be a lot more of a Buffalo presence in episode 2.

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