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Harris to be more than just a LB?

Posted by Chris Brown on July 22, 2009 – 4:39 pm

With the chance to talk to Nic Harris right after he signed his contract today, he made a comment in passing that I didn’t catch at first until I went back and listened to the tape. I asked him about transitioning from safety in college to LB now with the pads going on in camp, and he offered the following.

“I’m just a realist,” said Harris. “I know that football doesn’t change. The people get bigger, that’s about it. I played safety in college and I think by the end of it I’ll be back there a little bit.”

I still think his primary position will be linebacker, but might Perry Fewell have some specific packages drawn up with Harris in mind? He played five different defensive positions at a major college program in a top flight conference.

Fewell has used a three safety alignment in the past that’s worked well against opponents on run downs. I wonder if that might be where Harris fits into the safety equation. Don’t know, just guessing.

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