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Losman a UFL’er

Posted by Chris Brown on July 22, 2009 – 6:18 am

It took a while,but is pretty much official now with ESPN reporting that J.P.Losman has signed with the UFL’s Las Vegas franchise.

Losman had long been rumored to be one of the marquee players for the Las Vegas team as the four team upstart league embarks on an inaugural 6-game schedule this fall.

“I’m trying to get back on the field as soon as possible,” Losman told ESPN. “I love the game. I want to play this game. I don’t want to be [in the NFL] waiting for somebody to get hurt or not play well. “We’re trying to have as much success as possible here, try to create some buzz … and then go through [NFL free agency] again next year.”

No doubt the biggest attraction in addition to playing time was the chance to be coached by a veteran coach known for repairing quarterback’s games in Jim Fassel.

Fassel, not surprisingly told ESPN he has faith that Losman can revive his career.

“If I had doubt that he should not be a starting winning quarterback, I wouldn’t take it on,” Fassel told ESPN, “But I had the same feeling with Kerry Collins … J.P.’s got tremendous athletic skills. This guy should be a starter in the NFL. I mean, come on … But I still understand you can help a guy. Even Tiger Woods needs a swing coach. “Listen, if he’d have went back to the NFL and sat on the bench this year, then he’d have been no better off next year. Whatever anybody thought about him, they’d still say the same thing. Nothing would’ve changed.”

Its hard to disagree with that logic knowing at best Losman would have been holding a clipboard in the NFL this year. This way he can avoid sitting and any potential QB competitions and just play.

If he can’t succeed in a league of lesser talent with a coach known for fixing QBs then he will have lost nothing because there are obviously a lot of NFL coaches that don’t really believe he can make them better right now.

A good, productive, consistent season in the UFL could change that thinking.

My only question is will a six game season be enough of a litmus test to convince the doubters in NFL personnel departments?

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