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Bills fans getting props from new players

Posted by Chris Brown on July 25, 2009 – 11:37 pm

You’ve already heard Terrell Owens express his thanks for the support given to him by Bills fans. But one other newly signed player believes the turnout and enthusiasm by Bills’ fans at training camp is unmatched.

Dominic Rhodes has played for Indy and Oakland in his career, and after witnessing the fan turnout and vocal capabilities he admits it’s the most impressive he’s ever seen.

“The fans come out. This is probably the first place I’ve been, other than the late-night practices, where the fans are just here and it’s packed every day, so it’s definitely a great atmosphere,” Rhodes said. “They make you want to come out here and work hard and give them something to cheer about.

“I’ve heard about the fans here and it’s nice. I played in Oakland where the Raider Nation is crazy, but they didn’t come out to camp like this, but it wasn’t an open camp either. This is good. I like it. Definitely more people. In Indy, the people didn’t come out like this.”

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