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Where the UFL stands on Vick

Posted by Chris Brown on July 25, 2009 – 2:01 am

While Michael Vick’s NFL status lies in wait, the fledgling UFL has addressed where they stand with respect to Vick possibly playing in their league this fall. UFL Commissioner Michael Huyghue made the following statement.

“We do believe the UFL provides Michael Vick the perfect opportunity to regain his true playing ability and mentally prepare for being part of a professional football team again.  However, we will await a final determination by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell regarding Michael Vick’s potential NFL reinstatement before any discussions take place with Vick. 

“If the opportunity arises for the UFL to pursue Vick, we will do so only after careful discussions with Michael and his representatives.  We would however, look favorably on his participation in our League.  As a start-up league, it is important to gain as much widespread exposure as possible; but we want to make sure we are drawing media attention for the right reasons. 

“While it is true the addition of Michael Vick to our Orlando franchise will attract the media, we believe the UFL will allow him ample playing time to hone his craft and then transition back to the NFL.  We also acknowledge that the added attention Vick will bring to the UFL will benefit the other players as they will now have a national platform to showcase their talents.”

This is very good positioning by the UFL. They publicly let Vick and anyone listening that they will welcome Vick into their league if things don’t pan out with NFL, and acknowledge that once he proves he’s capable of playing at the highest level he’ll transition back to the NFL. The UFL is wisely working in conjunction with the NFL and not competing with it.

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