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Crabtree holdout not helping Maybin talks

Posted by Chris Brown on August 3, 2009 – 4:54 pm

Michael Crabtree’s holdout with the 49ers is not helping the situation the Bills have with the unsigned Aaron Maybin. Crabtree’s agent wants money comparable to what Darrius Heyward-Bey got from Oakland at #7 believing Crabtree should have been drafted before DHB.

It’s lead to a virtual stalemate, and knowing Crabtree’s agent (Eugene Parker) he’s not been averse to having his client hold out for a while. Case in point was Jason Peters last year, who missed all of training camp and the preseason.

I’m of the opinion that Crabtree’s contract is a domino that has to fall (be completed) before Maybin’s representatives feel comfortable in what they can or should be asking for. The top 10 is a tier unto itself, but if Crabtree at  pick 10 can land money equivalent to pick 7, then presumably Maybin’s agent will look to do the same in terms of percentage increases in the contract, and could get top 10 money for him, or at least think he could.

And if that proves to be the case, it could take a while.

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