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T.O. has answer for Jim Rome

Posted by Chris Brown on August 4, 2009 – 9:05 pm

Terrell Owens shot back at nationally syndicated sports radio talk show host Jim Rome on his twitter account.

Rome has been criticizing Owens’ reality show on VH-1. So Owens offered up the following via his twitter account.

terrellowens81so jimmy romeo! yo homes, smell u ltr!! keep the hatorade coming! 😉

terrellowens81hey jimmy romeo! sorry u cn’t discouraged me or my show, i’m 2 strong 4 u & plus grandmama told me there r people n the world like u! 😉

terrellowens81FYI: jim rome talks bad about me b/c i wn’t do his show!! lmpo!! let him keep talkin, still wn’t do it, we’ll c whn i hv season 2!!

Owens is referring to season two of his reality show, which he’s apparently pretty confident will happen.

And by the way, T.O. has also claimed to invent the latest twitter abbreviation (lmpo) which stands for ‘laugh my pants off’ for those that have as much trouble as I do keeping up with the acronym lingo.

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