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Appreciate all the kind words

Posted by Chris Brown on August 9, 2009 – 3:43 pm

While working Saturday evening at the Hall of Fame ceremonies dozens of Bills fans approached me and my website co-workers thanking us for providing you all with a constant stream of news (written and video) about the team on a daily basis.

Fans from Florida, North Carolina, Michigan, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio and back home in Western New York all expressed genuine appreciation for what we provide for you guys on in Canton last night.

On behalf of our staff of four which includes Gregg Pastore, Jeff Matthews, Mike Adamek and myself, I just wanted to say we appreciate every kind word you folks gave us Saturday evening. We’re not as large as a good number of the other staffs for the other teams in the league, but we pride ourselves on getting as much Bills info as we can out to you dedicated fans as we possibly can.

To get the amount of positive feedback we got from you folks last night really made all the hard work that we put in worth it. As Mr. Wilson so aptly noted in his speech without you he would not have been on that stage last night. And the case is much the same for us at Without you passionate fans we would not have the audience to provide what we bring to the website every day.

Thanks very much for being the best fans I know I have ever come across. Collectively you are something special. Enjoy the rest of the weekend because it truly does belong to you.

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