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Levitre grades out well vs. Titans

Posted by Chris Brown on August 11, 2009 – 5:47 pm

In an effort to discourage some of the negative feedback I was getting on the live blog during the game and at my AskChris email about Andy Levitre’s play Sunday night I spoke to his line coach, who provided me with some good information that the critics need to hear.

Offensive line coach Sean Kugler confirmed for me that Levitre for the game had one of the highest offensive line grades of all the linemen in that game.

Kugler acknowledges that the rookie got pushed back into the pocket on Edwards’ interception throw, but it was one play.

“He had 50 other plays that were good, solid plays, but fans remember that one play and that’s the life of an offensive lineman,” said Kugler.

Some fans expressed the opinion that Levitre is too small and needs to bulk up. He reported to camp at 295, but because his strength is so good, Kugler doesn’t see the need to add much more weight to his frame.

“He’s in very good shape,” said Kugler. “He’s very strong. I’m not as concerned about the weight thing as maybe some other people are, but as long as he’s functional and he’s strong whether he’s 295 or 300 that’s not a big deal.”

Working hard in practice and with strength and conditioning coordinator J.T. Allaire, Levitre has successfully added six pounds of lean muscle to his frame in just over a week of camp and is checking in at about 301 to 302 according to Kugler.

“With his height that’s a good weight for him,” said Kugler. “That’s kind of his weight. He’s quick at that weight and moves well at that weight and he’s a strong guy. If he were not a strong guy then there’d be a concern, but that’s not the case.

“His range is probably 295 to 305 and that’s where he is right now.”

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