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Rhodes feels fight could help

Posted by Chris Brown on August 12, 2009 – 8:00 pm

Dominic Rhodes, who was one of the principle players in the fight at practice Wednesday didn’t mind that some tempers flared feeling it might develop some mental toughness and confidence that they’ll stick up for each other.

“We hadn’t had a fight yet, it was about time, every training camp,” said Rhodes. “Maybe that’s going to start us into what we really want to be and that’s Super Bowl champs.”

As to whether the coaches like it or not, Rhodes thinks they like it.

“They were coming up and backing me up,” said Rhodes. “In football you’re fighting every play. They know if you’ll step in there and get into it with your own teammate, they know you’ll get into it with a guy you don’t know.”

Head coach Dick Jauron indicated otherwise.

“I don’t think it shows much of anything except a lack of discipline,” he said. “We know these guys are very competitive and they’re a lot more competitive than most people. And sometimes it gets the best of them. If it happens on game day it really costs you. That’s what you try to preach to them. They know the difference between practice and game day. Sometimes it happens.”

Jauron is no doubt recalling the shoving match Duke Preston had at the end of the first half in the season finale last year, when the time he took to engage in a wrestling match with a Patriots’ player kept Buffalo from attempting a field goal before the clock ran out at the end of the first half.

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