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No huddle takes on quicker pace

Posted by Chris Brown on August 16, 2009 – 4:09 am

The biggest story to come out of Buffalo’s second preseason game wasn’t the five takeaways by the defense. It was the noticeably increased tempo of Buffalo’s no huddle.

There were times where I looked down to jot down the play that just happened and by the time I looked up Edwards was snapping the next play. There were instances where there were just 10 seconds of real time between plays. It was decidedly faster than it was in the Hall of Fame game and coach Jauron admitted as much.

Turk Schonert has talked about changing the tempo and wearing opponents out. Dominic Rhodes saw evidence of that in the game.

“It was good. I saw those guys getting tired,” said Rhodes. “We were able to exploit some of the times when they weren’t ready or they weren’t lined up good. That’s what the no-huddle brings. It gets you the opportunity to catch guys when they’re tired and on their knees and they can’t really get up and get lined up and get their defenses in, and you can exploit people like that.”

In the press box I spoke to an AFC scout who was in attendance and he said he has not seen an NFL team run the no huddle that fast, “in a while.” It’s going to really be interesting to see where this no huddle attack goes from this point forward.

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