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Packer fans glued to Favre saga

Posted by Chris Brown on August 22, 2009 – 3:03 pm

I was at a local establishment last night here in Appleton (half hour from Green Bay) to get a feel for the Packer fans especially knowing Favre was making his debut for Minnesota. Here are a few of the reactions I witnessed.

First, Packer fans were ticked that the preseason game between the Vikings and Chiefs was not carried nationally. FOX decided to carry Cowboys-Titans instead. Place I was at didn’t have NFL Network.

But at halftime when they showed Favre highlights the group of fans near me stopped in their tracks. They watched the highlights, saw that he was 1-4 passing and exulted.

“We’re going to kill him,” shouted one Packers fan.

“He’s washed up,” said another.

There was one rational fan that said, “What did you expect from him after two and a half days of practice?”

But when it comes to Favre now playing for the enemy there isn’t going to be a lot of rational thinking amongst Packer fans, especially come Nov. 1 when Favre returns to Green Bay.

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