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Fan Friday 8-28

Posted by Chris Brown on August 28, 2009 – 11:34 pm

Here’s the latest installment. Answered a bonus question this week. Slowly but surely catching up on your email here.

1. Chris,
we all know that Trent is very good at passing the ball in the intermediate range (15-25 yards) and that bring in T.O. means Buffalo wants to stretch the field.
Do you feel that Trent is ready (in terms of arm strength and nuances like looking off the safteies) to make the deep pass a potent weapon in their attack?
I truly believe that making defenses defend the whole field will give Trent and Buffalo a legitimate chance at winning many more games and having a better season than anyone thought they could.
Trent Johnson Rochester’s #1 Bills Fan

CB: This is the number one question regarding Trent’s game. He knows how to run an offense, knows how to make checks at the line of scrimmage and can make all the throws. But does he have the confidence in his own abilities to take more risk downfield?
It’s a step he has to take in his game this year. I think sometimes Trent’s intelligence fights his physical ability. He’s almost too smart and realizes what is and what is not a high percentage throw.

I’m not saying Trent has to be reckless in going downfield. I think it’s fine to play the percentages, but there are good risks that quarterbacks have to take. With receivers like Lee and T.O. that fight for the ball there should be more opportunities to take good risk this season. I’m confident Trent will take more risks this season.


2. There’s a chicken/egg debate going on among Bills fans about Roscoe Parrish and his lack of production as an NFL WR.  Some feel he could excel if the coaching staff gave him more opportunities, while others feel they would certainly give him more opportunities if he showed them he could handle it.
Where do you stand on Parrish as a WR?
Josh/ St. Louis, Mo.

CB:  I’m optimistic he will get more opportunities on offense. I think there is enough support on the offensive staff to put together a package of plays in which to take advantage of his best assets. I think this is a good idea. I think used the right way he could be a bigger offensive asset.


3. Chris
Will the blue throwbacks be worn at all this season?
(St. Catharines, ON)

CB: Yes, they’ll be worn for the home game against Miami on Nov. 29. The white throwbacks will be worn in the opener at New England and at Tennessee on Nov. 15.


4. Hi Chris,
Coming out of college as a cornerback, Ko Simpson was regarded as a “ball hawk”. Is there any way the Bills would work him out as a corner if he fails to make it on the team as a safety?
Chuck from

CB: I don’t see this happening. The team is pretty deep at cornerback. Simpson is one of those veterans that’s hearing footsteps with Jairus Byrd nipping at his heels. The Bills will likely keep four or five safeties at most. George Wilson and John Wendling are more valuable special teamers. Simpson is a good player, but could be in trouble with respect to the 53-man roster.


5. Chris, if the Bills wanted to change to the throwbacks on a full time basis. What is the process the NFL requires to do that???
Thanks Scott, East Syracuse, NY

CB: From what I have been told it involved a league application process that can take up to 18 months. That is what they went through when the created the new uniforms which were unveiled in 2002. I have been told there are no plans to make the retro jerseys their permanent ones. I do agree that the throwbacks are superior in look to the current jerseys. They are really, really sharp.


6. Hey Chris,
I was wondering about John Stupar? Where did he come from, I saw that he’s Jeff Hostletler’s nephew, and he seems to be making the high light reel? Is he a potential of making the 53 man roster?

Thank You,
Yasin Gunay
CB: I think he does have a chance. New England signed him as an undrafted rookie. He was on the Bills practice squad last season. He’s been productive in the preseason as an underneath pass catcher and has shown good hands.

With no fullback being used in the no huddle attack, I think that Corey McIntyre’s role is difficult to define offensively and thus could cost him a roster spot. If there’s one less back on the roster it could create an additional opportunity for Stupar to make the 53.

Under Dick Jauron the club has kept only 3 tight ends each of the past 3 years. But if they keep four this season, Stupar will make it.

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