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Reed determined to right the ship

Posted by Chris Brown on August 31, 2009 – 12:45 am

Talking to Josh Reed after the game on Saturday night, the veteran was frustrated.

He believes the Bills offense is too talented to be struggling in the fashion it has the past two preseason games. Having seen too many seasons in which the offense has had trouble scoring Reed does not want to witness a repeat performance in 2009.

“We still feel like we have a week to go to get things going and we have practice to do that,” said Reed who knows the starters won’t see much time in the preseason finale. “I would say it’s more a sense of urgency. We just have to make sure that guys are still on the same page, that nobody is down and we just have to keep everybody up and just keep pushing.”

Reed is also hopeful that the return of Terrell Owens will help to spark the offense come the regular season.

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