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Players were concerned about offense

Posted by Chris Brown on September 6, 2009 – 11:09 pm

The Bills players shared a little more information about their concerns with the offense through the course of the preseason on Sunday, two days after Turk Schonert was replaced by Alex Van Pelt as offensive coordinator.

“I think everybody had some concerns about it,” said Lee Evans. “It was one of those things when you play games like that it leaves a type of feeling in your mouth, you always wonder if there’s something wrong and you want to do things to fix it. So, two back-to-back games of not playing well always causes some concern.”

“We had voiced some things with what direction it was going and where it needed to go and coach Jauron made the decision on how he felt and what he felt the offense needed best,” said Trent Edwards. “It’s a combination of everyone, as a whole, every player on the offense, every coach and everyone within the organization talks with coach Jauron and that decision was made based on those collective conversations.”

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