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What Bell found so funny

Posted by Chris Brown on September 9, 2009 – 9:12 pm

Buffalo’s new starting left tackle, Demetrius Bell found something particularly funny this week when he went to review some film.

Eager to see some of the strides he had made this offseason with his personal game, Bell popped in some film from last year to see where his game was at a year ago as a wet behind the ears rookie.

“Watching film from ’08 I started laughing when I turned the film on,” he said. “I think overall I got better.”

When asked where specifically he’s improved Bell offered the following.

“First off I got stronger in the offseason, got in my playbook during the OTAs and before the OTAs,” he said. “The OTAs had pass sets and run blocking where I got better. I think overall everything has gotten better since last year.”

Bell’s coaches says his techniques are also a lot sharper across the board.

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