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Fred Jackson sees RPMs of no huddle increasing

Posted by Chris Brown on September 10, 2009 – 1:31 pm

Among the more interesting observations of Buffalo’s offensive players with respect to their scheme under new offensive coordinator Alex Van Pelt is more downfield throws. But there’s one other that Fred Jackson mentioned that might be even more interesting.

“I think the biggest change I’ve seen is the speed of the offense,” said Jackson. “We’re moving a lot faster with the no-huddle, I think we’re getting plays off seven-eight seconds faster than we were before and I think a lot of the guys are buying into it. We know what we’re doing now.”

Reading the quote from Turk Schonert over the weekend where he mentioned that Coach Jauron wanted him to simplify the scheme and coupling that with Coach Jauron’s quote from after the Chicago game when I asked him about the speed of the no huddle and he offered the following.

“Obviously you want to be able to have some change ups in this thing, but I like it,” said Jauron after a fast paced performance against Chicago. “But the faster it is, for me, the better.”

You’ve got to believe Jauron wants a simpler approach in terms of number of plays in for a given week because he wants the no huddle to operate as fast as possible. If they can be successful in moving the ball and getting first downs at top speed, it could tire out the Patriots big defensive line where every man is over 280 pounds.

If Buffalo can execute quickly and effectively to keep Belichick from changing personnel groupings it could be a big edge for Buffalo.

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