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Poz proud to be a captain

Posted by Chris Brown on September 11, 2009 – 8:40 pm

When I talked to Keith Ellison back in training camp about Paul Posluszny’s change in on field demeanor, and how he appeared to be a more authoritative leader, the veteran linebacker agreed with me. And when I asked him if he would be surprised if Poz was named a team captain this year he had a short answer.

“Not at all,” Ellison told me.

Here were are a month later and Posluszny has been named one of six team captains for 2009 by his teammates. Joined by Kawika Mitchell on defense the two linebackers are a good balance of guys who will lead by their play and their emotion.

Poz is not knew to being in a leadership role having been a team captain in high school and at Penn State where he was the first junior co-captain since 1968. Still it didn’t take away from the pride he felt being named a captain for the Bills.

“It’s a great honor to be a captain of an NFL team especially when it’s your teammates that select you,” said Posluszny. “I’m excited about it and I’m ready to do my part.”

Posluszny has made no secret of his desire to emerge as a playmaker now in his third NFL season, and his teammates apparently believe he’s more than capable.

“I want to improve on what we did last year and help my teammates out and give them confidence that I can do what’s expected at the ‘mike’ and line everybody up and get everything situated and also go make plays,” he said. “It’s a good feeling knowing that your teammates support you in that manner.”

Poz agreed with me when I asked if he’ll let Mitchell be the emotional leader on defense while he handles the rest.

“We definitely have some emotional leaders,” said Posluszny. “‘Veek’, Chris Kelsay is another vocal leader. I’ll be the guy that leads by example. I don’t think I’ll be giving any big time pre-game speeches. I want to lead by example and by the way I play the game.”

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