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Jackson knows how to find creases

Posted by Chris Brown on September 14, 2009 – 1:02 pm

I was watching some of the tape from last year’s season finale between the Bills and Patriots and it’s hard not to come away with respect for Fred Jackson’s ability to find the tiniest of creases.

Jackson, who averaged 5 yards per carry in the game last year en route to a 127-yard rushing day, didn’t have a lot of big holes all that often in the game. The Patriots were putting eight men in the box a good portion of the time knowing throwing wasn’t in the cards with the 75 mph winds that day. And despite the tiniest of cracks in the line for Jackson to choose from he’d often find a way to make a couple of yards instead of getting nothing.

I’m hopeful there are a few bigger holes tonight, but when there aren’t I feel good about Fred being able to at least get positive yardage.

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