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McKelvin’s short memory a plus

Posted by Chris Brown on September 15, 2009 – 2:32 pm

Playing a position like cornerback you have to have a short memory otherwise your confidence is going to be shaken playing in the NFL. That’s not a problem for McKelvin who applies that short memory approach to his kick returning as well.

True, McKelvin had a pair of fumbles on kick returns on Monday night. And though he’s aware he needs to cover the ball up even better than he did (he had two hands on the ball), what happened Monday night will not take away from his aggressive nature and desire to make a play for his team.

“The previous fumble things happen in the game,” said McKelvin. “I’ve got to do my job and make sure I hold onto the ball. It may happen next week and I might (come out of the end zone) again and next week I might come out and might break two (for touchdowns). I might have the best game of my career, so I’m going to come out here and play every game one by one and try to get a win for us.”

To be honest I’d rather have a guy trying to make a play when it’s prudent than taking a knee. I respect his aggressiveness and think he’ll bounce back. He’s too talented not to. Fighting for the extra yard was his only error in judgment as I see it. The decision to come out of the end zone was not the issue.

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