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Whitner can relate to Bills fan’s pain

Posted by Chris Brown on September 15, 2009 – 7:24 am

If you don’t think the players care as much as the fans do about losing you’re wrong. You could see the anguish written all over Donte Whitner’s face.

Still visibly upset 20 minutes after their crushing 25-24 loss to New England after being up 11 (24-13) with five minutes to play, Whitner was fighting back tears as he spoke with the media.

“It’s tough man,” he said. “We played really, really hard. And we came up short. It’s tough. I want to shut everybody up that thinks we’re not a good football team. We had opportunities and we let it go.”

Whitner was asked if there was something positive to be taken from their performance, but Whitner at the time could find little.

“We want to win,” he said. “We needed a win, we had a win and we let it go. It’s tough. We’ve got to go back to work. It’s only the first game, but we can’t lose like this. We can’t lose these games.”

But Whitner vows the team will not wallow in self-pity for letting the opener get away.

“We have 15 more,” he said. “We’ll be ready.”

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