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McKelvin getting overwhelming support from real Bills fans

Posted by Chris Brown on September 16, 2009 – 2:14 pm

A day after having the lawn at his home vandalized following Buffalo’s season-opening loss to New England, Bills cornerback and kick returner Leodis McKelvin is receiving letters of overwhelming support from the Bills fan base.

Here are just a couple of the comments that have been sent to One Bills Drive coming from Bills fans that are embarrassed by the actions of what is presumed to be one radical fan. There is also a lengthy thread on the Bills message board expressing support for McKelvin.

Dear Buffalo Bills;
Please extend my sincerest apologies to Leodis McKelvin and his family and friends and assure him that the Bills World of Fans do not condone the actions of the criminals that defaced his personal property.

I would like to be informed of any community service project that Leodis would accept as a show of support for him, his family and the Buffalo Bills.  I live two hours away in Webster, NY but I will drive to Orchard Park to either fix his personal property or participate in a public service project in his and his family’s honor.

If nothing is planned as of yet, please let me know and I will personally contact the City of Orchard Park to plan something before this week’s season opener to show that Buffalo Bills fans are some of the finest in the World.

Timothy Knab

             I heard about what happened to your property. I apologize for all Bill’s fans and think it was a disgrace. I love watching you play and think every time you touch the ball we have a better chance. It was a tough play and I’m sure no one felt worse than you did. You’re the one that puts in all the hard work and training, not us fans. Believe me it hurt, but I’m sure not as much as it did you. We all stand behind you and can’t wait for the great season you and the other guys will bring us!!!!
Tony Chiaraluce

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