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Poz frustrated beyond belief

Posted by Chris Brown on September 18, 2009 – 5:19 pm

I spoke to Poz briefly in the locker room following practice Friday. And I asked him where his frustration level is at on a scale of 1-10. His answer? “11.”

“It’s just like what else is going to happen,” said an exasperated Posluszny. “It was a great atmosphere, Monday Night football and we had a great opportunity to start off the season and why does it happen now? I don’t know. It’s very, very frustrating, but what are you going to do? I just have to try to mentally prepare for when I get the chance to come back and play.”

Poz, who initially had the arm shattered in 2007 when his arm was struck by Kiwaukee Thomas’ helmet is still not sure what caused the break this time.

“It wasn’t a helmet,” he said. “I really don’t know what it was. On the play I tackled Wes Welker and then I just got up and just the way my arm got tangled or hit the ground… you can’t tell on the film what did it, but something just got hit or twisted wrong and that was it.”

The Bills middle linebacker does however, know why it broke.

“I don’t what you would call it, but a stress point,” said Posluszny. “I hit it right on the right spot and so it broke because there was a plate in there already. It hit it just the right way.”

Poz, who had surgery on the arm on Tuesday, doesn’t foresee the arm being a problem again after the procedure.

“They took the old plate out and put a longer one in,” said Posluszny. “So it should be good to go.”

He’s scheduled to meet with the doctors on Sunday to lay out his rehab timetable.

“They’ll tell me when I’m allowed to start working out because he could say late next week you can start doing some things or he might tell me I’ve got to wait two more weeks,” he said. “The sooner the better.”

Suffice to say that by late October Poz will be anxious.

“I’m excited to get back into it.”

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