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Saints’ Payton on his new DC Gregg Williams

Posted by Chris Brown on September 23, 2009 – 9:30 pm

Former Bills head coach Gregg Williams is New Orleans’ new defensive coordinator. Head coach Sean Payton outlined how he came to hire Williams and the progress of their defense with the new scheme.

“I had been in the NFC East for the better part of my career with New York for four years and Dallas for three years and even when I came to New Orleans that first year we played Washington so I was familiar with his defense,” Payton said. “It would always seem that regardless of his personnel they were one that tackled well that played with great fundamentals and gave you enough looks to cause problems. They were always challenging for us whether it was in Dallas or in New York or our first season here in New Orleans.

“He’s come in and is very demanding. I think the players were at first there was a lot to go through and install but I think between he and his staff and the leadership we have on defense that transition has been good. There’s still a number of things he’s still working with and the defensive coaches are working on to improve but I like the direction that’s headed.”

Year one for a defensive coordinator is always a challenge especially when the scheme is a change from what was run previously. By the sound of Payton it doesn’t appear as though the Saints have all their ducks in a row yet on defense, which is good for the Bills offense. Williams has an intricate scheme and getting his players up to speed takes time as was the case when he was a head coach in Buffalo.

Hopefully the Bills can take advantage of New Orleans’ inexperience within the scheme and keep pace with the Saints’ high-powered attack.

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