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Jackson to see more of the work this week?

Posted by Chris Brown on September 30, 2009 – 9:24 pm

With Marshawn Lynch now off suspension the big question has been what kind of workload Marshawn Lynch will be getting this week in his return to the lineup. Bills offensive coordinator Alex Van Pelt and head coach Dick Jauron seem conscious of easing him in knowing he hasn’t been exposed to contact in almost a month.

“A lot of it for me will have to do with how he feels at the end of the work week,” said Jauron. “I can’t anticipate that he’ll feel any differently than wanting to go. And that’ll be good because Freddy has been so good and Freddy is not a surprise, but it would be nice to even out this thing, get Marshawn back into the mix, have them play off each other. It’s a really positive thing for us, it’s great to have him back.”

Jauron indicated that if they were successful running the ball and ran it 30 times it’d be nice to split it down the middle, but in his first week back it might be a bit less.

“(We’ll) probably bring Marshawn (Lynch) along slowly to let him get back into it physically. But those guys (Lynch, Jackson) are some of your better players obviously offensively and some of the groupings with both of them are very good for us. But I don’t know where or how long it’ll take before we get there, but we’re just glad to have Marshawn back. I think it’ll help us down the road keeping both of those guys fresh.”

While Jauron indicates a 50-50 split, Van Pelt seems to indicate less at least for this week. It’s hard to ignore how much success Jackson has had with 425 yards from scrimmage in three games, but Lynch is not someone you keep on the sidelines either. It will be very interesting to see how the workload is divided, knowing the staff, like many others in the league, is cautious about overworking either one of them.

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