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Maybin prepping for Miami heat

Posted by Chris Brown on October 2, 2009 – 1:48 pm

The Bills training staff usually has preparations for making sure the players are hydrated for Miami week under control, knowing the heat down there is always a factor. But Aaron Maybin has apparently taken his preparation for the heat a step further.

Maybin tweeted that for Thursday’s practice, in an effort to prepare himself for the heat in Miami Sunday, wore a few extra layers.

AaronMaybin58: I wore 4 shirts today under my equipment to get ready for this miami heat…..CRAZY!

I’ve got to say that is one approach I had never heard of before in terms of getting ready for the Miami game. Though I do recall Chris Spielman taking it the other extreme. In preparation for a game at Green Bay at the end of the season, Spielman slept in his hotel room the night before the game on top of the covers with the air conditioning on full blast with just his briefs on. He said it was in an effort to be mentally prepared for the cold weather during the game.

Spielman was a bit extreme when it came to football.

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