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Edwards on showing emotion

Posted by Chris Brown on October 8, 2009 – 8:10 pm

Bills QB Trent Edwards was asked about his on field demeanor and if he thinks he should show more emotion out on the field. Here was his response.

“I think the only reaction you’re going to get out of me is an even-keeled manner,” said Edwards. “The entire time I’ve been here I’m not going to get too high or too low. Even after a big win I’m not going to sit here and celebrate and I’m not going to get too low after a loss, even a tough loss and I’m not going to hang my head either. So I’m going to be even-keeled regardless of whether there is criticism or praise.

“I still enjoy the game of football, I’m still going to smile, I’m still going to show up and work my butt off, and try to fix some things, but I feel like that should really answer questions that anyone has of me. That’s my personality and I’m not going to change anything about it.”

For what it’s worth Edwards has shown some emotion during games. When he missed hitting Terrell Owens on a deep pass down the visiting sideline late in the loss to New Orleans he turned away from the line of scrimmage and clenched both fists up on either side of his helmet. He’s also put his arms over his head and pumped his fist after touchdown passes (e.g. Fred Jackson touchdown pass in the opener).

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