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Fan Friday 10-9

Posted by Chris Brown on October 9, 2009 – 11:54 am

Gotta get a win this week. No ifs, ands or buts. Let’s get to your questions. And send your future questions to
1. Hi Chris, while watching the Bills game, I noticed that the four times that Trent Edwards tried to reach Terrell Owens they were mostly deep balls. Why didn’t they use Owens underneath? Like in a run and catch play? He is very dangerous when utilized in this fashion.

I understand that teams are limiting the deep ball, but the Bills could have went to both Owens and Evans underneath, and turned in huge gains in each situation. Obviously, it is the receivers job to catch the ball regardless of the play, but I think the Bills are using Owens the wrong way. What do you think?
Tony, Daytona Beach, Florida.

CB: I think there’s some merit to your suggestion. We actually saw Owens and Evans targeted more on some intermediate routes in the preseason. Both of Owens receptions in the Hall of Fame game were short and intermediate throws that Owens turned into first downs after the catch. Knowing the protection has been spotty of late I’d be all for letting Owens and Evans gain the extra yards after the catch instead of trying to get it on one big throw.

2. In watching each one of the bills games I notice the DB’s playing at least 7-10 yards off from TO and Lee, what would be so hard to stand and throw the ball to them on the back shoulder as they come off the ball. I watched closely to see if they were being baited and were going to run out a LB or DE but in at least 6 of the times nothing happened. I also noticed that Lee and TO mostly run down the side line and haven’t been curling or skinny post ….. nothing. I can’t believe this is the whole arsenal they have established for 12 mill per year. Every team with a stud receiver finds a way to get them the ball…. 

CB: I don’t deny that it’s been frustrating to watch. Much like the answer above, I’m not opposed to giving Trent the option to check to a ‘now route’ when he sees single coverage outside and the cornerback is playing off Evans or Owens. Take two steps back from center and throw them the ball to them right at the line of scrimmage and let them make a defender miss to get yards after the catch. It’s a much higher percentage throw and gets Evans and Owens involved quicker.

3. Chris,

Do you see the Bills looking to Jackson to return kickoffs more now that Lynch is back?  Parrish seemed to struggle against the Saints though he was better against Miami. With McKelvin out the return game has looked weak.  Any other thoughts on others that could return kicks if Jackson doesn’t?


CB: Jackson was out there with Parrish on a few kick returns in Miami, but as you pointed out Parrish fared better against the Dolphins. If the team does decide to go in another direction Jackson is an option as is Xavier Omon who has done kickoffs. I also think an intriguing option would be rookie Ellis Lankster who returned kicks and punts in college at West Virginia and was a JUCO All-American returner.

4. Due to the recent scoring struggles we have had and the addition on Lynch back to our offense, do you see us using some type of situational wildcat offense?  To me, a backfield of Jackson and Lynch would be extremely lethal.
Best regards,
Ryan Korchinski

CB: I’d be surprised if it becomes a prominent feature, but with the struggles they’ve had I don’t see why they couldn’t turn to it for a series or two. I’d have Fred Jackson in the quarterback role (Ronnie Brown), with Marshawn Lynch as the move back (Ricky Williams role). Roscoe Parrish was also utilized in the QB role in training camp having been a former HS QB. We’ll see.


5. Chris,
With McKelvin going down, that leaves McGee, Florence, Corner, Youboty, and Lankster.  Do you think Lankster will be seeing any action this week?  Will he even be on the active roster?
-Chris, Rochester

CB: He was active, but did not play on defense last week against the Dolphins. He’s basically the 5th corner now with McKelvin on I-R. He’ll play on special teams depending on numbers each week. I wouldn’t mind seeing him on kick returns. He’s got potential there I believe.

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